Thursday, June 12, 2014

Assignment of Which I am Most Proud

Throughout the whole semester, I have loved every single project that we've done. There is, however, one project that I really enjoyed. I think that the free-choice(though it turned into nature) photography project was the most fun. I found that I really love to photograph flowers. It's a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. What started out as "just another project" turned into a great experience. I figured out how to use my camera in a way that let me take detailed pictures from up close. This was great for showing the intricate designs on some of the flowers. One of my favorite pictures from this assignment is the one I took of dew drops on a leaf. I managed to capture the image in a way that showed tiny reflections in each drop of water, and I think that it looks really cool! This project had a large impact on my learning in that I discovered what my favorite subject to photograph is, as well as the fact that I learned more about how my camera works. This will allow me to take even better photos in the future. I loved this project, and I hope that it shows through my images.

Most Memorable Experience

For me, the most memorable experience that I had this semester is going into the dark room. I thought it was really interesting to see how film would be developed. I also really like getting to develop our own photographs. Mine didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I had lots of fun making it. This experience has impacted my learning in a large way. Before it, I had no idea how dark rooms were used, or really, what they were. Now I know exactly what to do, and I even learned some really cool techniques to give the photos special styles. For example, turning the lights on briefly will give the objects in the photo a dark outline. I thought that was really cool. Working in the dark room was really fun, and I can't wait to do it again and try new methods!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Who am I

This is a short, three minute video that shows who I am as a person.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Culture Clash

  • To create a Clash of Cultures by creating your own Photo montage, combining images from Beijing, China and Yarmouth, Maine, USA;

  • To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skills;
  • To create a “surreal” landscape by montaging a variety of photographs;
  • To know, use, and understand the Four Collage Techniques to in your Photo Montage: Juxtaposition/fragmentation, Point of View, Scale Change, Overlapping

One thing I learned from this project was being able to make copies of certain layers. It was extremely helpful to know when I was trying to make a bunch of flowers and I only had one flower. One of the challenges that I faced in this project was getting the brightness levels to look the same. I made my project look like it was during the night, and I had to change the brightness of all the photos. Unfortunately, some pictures were brighter than others to start with, so I couldn’t just use one level for everything, I had to keep changing it. It wasn’t too hard to do, it was just annoying.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Free-Choice, Carolyn

Skeleton Flower

Once a pretty life form,
now a desolate skeleton.
The veins grew dark,
and the petal turned faint,
yet in its own way,
isn't it beautiful too?

Drop of Sun

Drops of sun
fall from the sky,
tattooing the ground.
I watch
as the beads reflect light
and glitter on the leaves.

 Bumble Bee

Tiny wings
flitting, fluttering, flying
from one petal to another
Without a care in the world,
this minuscule insect,
plays an enormous role
in our fragile world.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Culture Clash

Juxtaposition/fragmentation: The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect. The process or state of breaking or being broken into small or separate parts.
Point of View: The position from which something or someone is observed, or a particular attitude or way of considering a matter.
Scale Change: It is when one changes the scale of something in relation to another object.
Overlapping: To extend over so as to cover partly.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Inspiring Digital Artist- David Revoy

The purpose of this project was to become familiar with five accomplished digital artists, and to see what is possible in the world of art. My partner and I studied David Revoy. It was really interesting to learn about him! Below is the finished product.